It is best to start with a tour of the panorama of the city. When you come to Porto Antico, take ‘Il Bigo’, a lift that will go up forty feet in the air offering a view of the city …

This city is not widely publicized and is not among the most visited in Italy. But if you thought that only port of Genoa, you are wrong, it’s much more than that.

Genoa, the capital of the region of Liguria, the Italian westernmost city on the sea. It is located approximately 150 kilometers from the French border, and the city is due to the geographical position very long.

In the center of Porto Antico, the original port city that has experienced a revitalization in the nineties and the Centro Storico, the old town. These are also the most interesting neighborhoods for visitors, which abound with narrow streets and breathe history.

Althoughthe town is narrow, as we have already mentioned, the city is quite long, so that the use of public transport, which includes buses and a metro line, which is very useful.


Day one

It is best to start with a tour of the panorama of the city. When you come to Porto Antico, take ‘Il Bigo’, a lift that will go up forty feet in the air offering a view of the city. This pleasure will cost you four euros.

After the port, reach Piazza Caricamento and visit the palace of San Giorgio. This crucial part of the city was in operation in 1260, and in the meantime, the palace serves as a bank and constipation (even Marco Polo, here was imprison for a time).

Now it is already time for coffee. In Licoreria Pasticceria Marescotti get you the best, considering that there made since back in 1780th.

If you like shopping,  in the city you will find many chocolate shops, jewelry stores and the like. If you want to buy your expensive brands, then go to Street Via Roma. After buying go to eat great and favorable carbonara (eight euros) in Fratelli Klainguti, where once favored also Giuseppe Verdi. After walk around town at Belvedere Luigi Montaldo, with view of the city, it’s time for a glass of wine. In it, enjoy coffee shop Calice, where you will get it for 3 euros at more.

For dinner, we recommend local restaurants like Il Genovese where you palates satisfy with gnocchi with pesto or Balurado in which the pizza is really good.

Day two

The next morning, take advantage of seeing the church. San Lorenzo Cathedral and the Basilica of San Siro payments to look. The first was in World War II was severely damaged, while the other is the first church in Genoa ever made, and dates back to the sixth century.

Drink coffee somewhere in Porto Antico, and then go to a light lunch. Taverna Dindi will offer seafood, but you will after the pizza and pasta from the previous day, you will enjoy the fruits of the sea.

Afternoon leave for the art. If the queue to enter the Palazzo Ducale too long, select an alternative solution and visit the Galleria Nazionale di Palazzo Spinola. Also, it pays to look at the museum of the city of Genoa, which hides the works of Veronese, Durer, Van Dyck …


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