Best Tips and Guides

Questions you may have: We understand the whole loan application process may seem very complicated. We assure you that this is not the case. In fact, we try to simplify the process as much as we can for you. Below some tips and guides for you to choose a good money lender in Singapore. For additional queries, feel free to contact our friendly customer service!


1. Loan Helpdesk is a licensed money lender?

No. Loan Helpdesk is not a money lender, it is a platform that gathers the best money lender list for the borrower. We will always ensure the list of money lender we provide is perfect with giving excellent services.

2. Is money lending legal?

Yes of course! We are a licensed money lending firm that follows the strict regulations of the industry. This ensures a high standard of professionalism, which you can come to expect from us.

3. How do I apply for a loan?

By entering the loan application form with your accurate personal data. Let the manager call you to give you more information.

4. Does my personal data be shared when I apply for a loan?

Entire data you had entered in our loan application is kept as secret and private. All contact with the money lenders is through you just to guarantee secret.

5. What should I consider before applying for a loan?

There are some money lender tips and guides must keep in mind:
  • Don’t over borrow, just take the loan amount that you need. Loan over the amount you may fall in another obligate trap.
  • Get loan only from a licensed money lender, don’t get the loan from unlicensed moneylender it will make you and your family in trouble.
  • Understand the loan contract terms and conditions in detail. Make sure to understand the repayment terms, interest charges, and late fees penalty. Besides that, the licensed moneylender is not allowed to make others charges.

5. How much you able to obtain?

For secure credit, you can apply for a loan sum as many as you need.

For an unsecured loan, a Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents:

The borrower can obtain up to $3,000 if the yearly pay is less than $20,000;

A borrower can get up to multiple times your month to month pay if the yearly salary is $20,000 or more.

An outsider who holds the working go in Singapore:

Up to $1,500, in the event, that borrower yearly pay is less than $10,000;

Up to $3,000, in case the borrower yearly salary is below $20,000;

In the event that, borrower yearly salary is $20,000 or more, they can get as long as a half year’s pay.