The city of lions attracts tourists with huge skyscrapers and exotic kitchen. The compound of Chinese, Indian and Malay influences, make this country amazing in all its form.

Huge skyscrapers, delicious food created a mix of Chinese, Indian, and Malay influences, a great opportunity for shopping and exciting life in different neighborhoods make Singapore a great destination. Commonly called “a microcosm of Asia”, this small island nation will delight every visitor to its contrasts, strict rules. But also places for full enjoyment.

SINGAPORE is extremely densely populated, and the city center is made up of several blocks, known as the Central Business disktrikt, which is also the center of nightlife.


Although housed here all the imposing skyscrapers and provides the opportunity for quick time “absorb” the spirit of the fast life of businessmen, in different neighborhoods can find cheap accommodation, Burmese temples, and giant shopping malls.

Singapore’s Chinatown is located in the Chinatown district. And part of a street Pagoda and Smith is a special tourist attraction. It is full of small shops with the most diverse range. But many shops selling electronics, clothing, Chinese lekarije, and jewelry. The mere quarter ropes of the restaurant and, of course, a kiosk with Chinese food.

It is a very different picture in the Little India neighborhood. Where is located the center of a large Indian community in Singapore and at the same time is one of the most colorful and the most interesting parts of the city. The main stripe Indian neighborhood is Serangoon Road. A street is full of gaily paint shops with exotic letters of Tamil, Hindi and Bengali alphabet. Here are sold Indian saris, gold bracelets, all sorts of spices, incense and soundtracks of the latest hits from Bollywood. A must see and Sri Veramakalijaman Temple, the most famous in Singapore.

The residential part of the city is in the east, where there is an airport, but also many famous restaurants.

Navigating Singapore carried out without any problem. This is because public transport is one of the best in the world, a taxi is cheap. However, it is recommended that visitors “let up” and walk, especially along the river, or the picturesque neighborhoods.


Those who have come to rest should go to one of three beaches on the island of Santos, located south of the city, and its entrance is paid two dollars. Although it is quite expensive for “ordinary” visitors, be it a bar to visit and bathe in it in one day.

For those who had armed cameras, there is a vinyl tauver Carlsberg, one of the highest vantage points in Asia. Open daily 9:00 to 21:00, as well as one of the largest Oceanarium in Asia – Undernjater Njorld and Dolphin Lagoon.

Be sure to visit the Singapore national symbol, 8.6 meters high sculpture of a lion-fish heavy 70 tons called the Merlion. Also nearby is Kaven Bridge, the oldest bridge in the city and the only suspension bridge, which was build 1869th.

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