For years, Singapore has proved itself to be an exciting place to be; for tourists, residents, and others. Still, based on the events that are already scheduled… 2017 seems like it could be a particularly exciting year! Many of these events are annual, but find new ways to innovate and improve every year.

What’s so exciting?


New Year’s Eve Celebration at Marina Bay

It all starts at Midnight, January 1, 2017. Singapore will ring in the new calendar year in style. Live music, outdoor performances, waterfront shops, great food, fireworks, as well as other appropriate celebratory elements and surprises will all come together to start your 2017 with a blast… Literally!

Chinese New Year

In case one New Year’s Eve was not enough, just less than one month, January will bring us Chinese New Year (also known as the Lunar New Year). The main celebrations will occur on the 28th and 29th of January. Obviously Chinese culture is a big deal in Singapore, and it will be celebrated accordingly! Though the celebration can be felt throughout the entirety of Singapore, Chinatown is absolutely the best place to be for these celebrations! The snacks and food will be plentiful fantastic, and the streets will be bustling with New Year’s festivities; you’ll have no excuse not to eat, drink, and be merry! The whole neighborhood will light up, figuratively and literally. Another element of Chinese culture, September’s Mid-Autumn Festival (or Mooncake Festival), is also one that you would be lucky to catch!

Great Singapore Sale

Yes, there is certainly a market for this one. The Singapore Shopping festival has garnered a reputation globally for shop-a-holics and casual shopping enthusiasts alike. This festival stretches all the way through the months of May to August, and famous for discounts that often reach as high as 70%.

Singapore Food Festival

Singapore takes its food very seriously. The cuisine is widely diverse and internationally celebrated. The Singapore Food Festival honors Singaporean cuisine, and allows every festival-goer a unique experience in enjoying and celebrating this amazing food. Though the festival is an entire month long, the highlight and main event is STREAT. There is also a delightful ‘50 Cents Fest’ in Chinatown that offers incredibly affordable deals on amazing Asian delicacies.

Singapore Night Festival

This wild festival gives a nod to Singapore’s Arts and Culture. It occurs in the Museum District and Art Scene of Singapore.  It is fun, exuberant, and lasts two weekends. Armenian Street is one central hub of festival-goers, as traffic is closed off and it becomes a full-on street party! The live music and other performances showcase the best of Singaporean talent, as well as select acts from all around the globe! The festival happens in August, and is truly a remarkable thing to experience.


These are just five selections from a wide range of exciting occurrences which Singapore will host in 2017. Other standouts include music festivals, a Grand Prix, and many beautiful and inclusive religious celebrations within the Hindu and Islamic communities. There is something for everyone, and Singapore looks forward to your visit!

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