Investing in a country is one decision that ought to be vital to investors. The sole objective of any investor is to make a profit as anyone wants to hedge against risk. Therefore, proper research has to be done before an investor invests in a given country. This article, therefore, seeks to point out many factors that will assist a potential investor who is keen to invest in Singapore’s market.

Economic history

The country has made significant milestones regarding the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) over the years. To convince foreign investors that Singapore was a good country to invest. Therefore, the Singapore Economic Development Board was forming, and it performs well by increasing the gross domestic product per capita by 0.5 %. This should make the investors feel encouraging because of the assurance of return on their investments. This is because the country’s economy is doing well.


Trust is vital for any business to succeed. The government has guaranteed confidence among the investors by ensuring that all the tax laws and tax rates are transparent and out in the public domain. This makes an investor have confidence because he knows that he cannot be short change because he knows the rates. This is what every investor needs to know hence making Singapore an investment decision of choice.

Pro-business policy

A pro-business policy is where a government sets special tax provisions for a certain industry so as to encourage them to set up their business in the country. The system also reduces corporate taxes, and this encourages some investors. This is because they will have some tax exemptions when they set up their industries. World Bank report found out that Singapore is one of the friendliest countries to set up a business because that can be done in six working days. Besides, start-up costs of setting up a business there are very friendly. This motivates the investor a lot because they are a guaranty of fast payback period when they set up their business in Singapore.

Flexible immigration policies

Sometimes, a business may not be doing well in the home country. Therefore, investors may opt to go to another country and see whether their business will break even. However, most businesses are facing with the hurdle of immigration policy which is very stiff for foreigners which are not citizens Singapore. Here the immigration rules are so tolerant of foreigners. Such that a permanent resident visa can be granted so that business can settle with ease.

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