Travel. The word itself brings visuals of fun-filled vistas and wild, exotic adventures to the mind. And, the thought of your wonderful, little vacation or wild, exploratory trip getting ruined by the weight of your baggage is enough to deflate your spirits immediately. After all, nobody wants to spend an entire journey breaking their back due to unnecessary and heavy luggage.

Even if you can arrange for a hauler to carry your luggage wherever you go, packing light has many advantages of its own. It allows you to be more independent, keeps your mind stress-free and, not to mention, saves a significant amount of time every day during your journey. Imagine landing in the magnificent city of Cairo and instead of diving straight into its exotic locales and exploring its awesome sights – you are watching for the airport conveyor belt to bring all your luggage. You definitely don’t want to do that.

To avoid this scenario, here are a few tips on packing light for travel:

1.    Pick the right clothes

It all starts with the staples. Picking the right clothes can simplify your entire process of packing and make your luggage super easy to carry. Never pack for more than a week. 7 sets of clothes are enough to last you a month or two. This is because most civilizations have discovered the wonders of laundry and you can easily wash and re-use your dirty clothes. Choose thin layers over bulky coats or jackets. Colour co-ordinate your wardrobe with neutrals like white, black and beige. They are suitable for every occasion and make the process of selection easier.

2.    Tidy it up

When it comes to packing light, every bit of space count. Make sure you get rid of all the excess stuff, be it a large water bottle or a small shopping receipt. Buy light, travel friendly utilities to replace the bulky ones. Replace your hardbacks with E-books. Buy extra clothes and accessories as and when you need during the journey instead of hauling them through the entire trip.

3.    Get a bigger bag

You’ll be surprised by how many problems can be fixed by taking this one, small step. Buy a large leather satchel with abundant pockets or a light-weight, sturdy backpack. Traveling with a larger bag not only makes packing easier but also makes the return journey more comfortable as you can accommodate many of your travel exploits in a larger bag.

4.    One pouch to keep them all

We know how much you love your Chanel vanity case or your Edwin Jagger shaving kit, but they are nothing more than trouble while travelling. Ditch the large bottles of shampoos and perfumes for smaller travel-friendly cans. Collect all your toiletries in a compact and cute pouch to save lots of valuable space.

5.    Roll it up

This tip is one to keep for the books. Roll all your clothing instead of folding it. This not only saves a lot of space but also prevents your clothes from wrinkling. Speaking of rolling, consider travelling with a bag or case with wheels to ease your journey.

6.    Bring in the adapter

The superhero of the modern age – The mighty and powerful multi-country Adapter to the rescue. A three-way splitter adapter can be plugged in most countries and is an ideal option while travelling with electronics. Most phones and laptop can now adjust to voltage changes in different countries and with The Adapter at your side, you never have to worry about running out of juice.

7.    Wear the bulk

A simple but effective tip for packing light. Whatever is weighing down your luggage the most and is wearable, put it on. The most common bulky but necessary to carry items include sneakers, boots or winter coats. So, instead of weighing your back with its weight, wear it on the journey.

Keep your wardrobe simple and necessities limited to pack light and enjoy your vacation with the complete enthusiasm it deserves.

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