In Bordeaux live just under 250,000 inhabitants, and the nickname Pearl of Aquitaine, and Sleeping Beauty, because the town was neglected until recently…

In the southwest of the country Gallic roosters, in the region of Aquitaine (Gironde department). Situated in a city that is famous for its wines. The city where shipbuilding failed to leave a larger footprint.

The city where according to the latest data, 20,000 people work in the aeronautical sector. Finally, the city in which the Fiery celebrate against the current European champions Spain.

Part of Le Port de La Lune completely renovated and since 2007 is also on the list of World Heritage Sites.

In Bordeaux live just under 250,000 inhabitants (in the metropolitan area the figure rises to 750,000) has been known as the pearl of Aquitaine ‘, or the’ Sleeping Beauty ‘. This is because the town was neglected until recently.

But more is not the case, because it is part of Le Port de La Lune completely renovate. Since 2007 is also on the list of World Heritage Sites.

In fact, the city breathes with a history, as evidenced in the fact that this is the largest number of protecting old buildings and structures, more than in any other French city except Paris.

How to get here? Via land or air?

Skyscanner checking, we found that in Bordeaux there are even two direct airlines from the national anthem, one from Split, the second from Dubrovnik. But the price was about two ‘Starcevic’ head and is perhaps a better solution Ryanair flight to Paris or Marseille.

In fact, from both cities to the pearl of Aquitaine have around 600 kilometers (Paris a little less, a little more from Marseille).

From both cities to Bordeaux will switch you to the train, but in Paris the line more often and faster. So though, it seems to us that the best solution to get the plane to the city of light, and from there catch a train. Of course, adventurers can always sit in the car and ride these paltry 1,614 kilometers.


Here it is difficult to find cheap accommodation unless you want to be 10 to 15 kilometers outside the city. But you will pay for one night’s accommodation in a double room from 60 to 80 euros. If you want to be in the city, be prepared to cost more than 100 euros. It is now the time of the European Championship.

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