Finding the right accommodation – Sites to use and sites to avoid

Finding the right accommodation is one of the biggest hassles every traveler faces. Since it can cost a fortune at times, finding the one that offers value is a huge concern for every kind of traveler. Thanks to the ever increasing range of sites and online deals, booking a holiday home was never this easy. But, with so many options comes the dilemma of which site to chose and which not to! To help you clear your confusion, here is a list of booking sites for every accommodation styles.

Hospitality Exchanges

What better way to experience a destination than staying at a local’s place! While there are several sites, Couchsurfing tops the list. The goal of the site is to help travelers connect and get the real taste of the destination. You not only save money but also get to interact with the people, get a taste of their culture, and if you are lucky you may chance upon a lasting friendship! But, a lot of times the safety aspect concerns people. After all, you are in a strange land in a stranger’s place. Thankfully, the site has levels of verification and ratings to offer safety. What’s more, these hosts are usually former travelers who open their homes to others.


Like the idea of being around like-minded people or meeting new folks and forming some lasting friendships? Then hostels are a perfect place! But, hostels are unclean and gross, isn’t it? Well, no, this is just a myth. Hostels are another best option for budget travel. While most rooms are dormitory style, several hostels also offer rooms designed for couples and those looking to stay solo. What’s more, they are really clean and at times, offer more amenities than hotels! With Hostelworld being the most popular site, you can also try international chains like YHA and Hostelling International.


Are you a big group or a couple with kids looking for a stay that offers the required space and freedom? Then apartment rentals are your best choices. Airbnb and Wimdu offer great options for short term rentals. Whether you plan to visit the US or Europe, these sites offer accommodation rentals at a range of destinations. Apartment rentals can be cheaper than hotels and offer several amenities including a kitchen. A great option for couples and families with kids, apartment rentals is your choice, especially if you plan to spend a week or more at a single place.


As much as you love budget-friendly accommodations, sometimes hotels are your only option. Nothing can beat the luxe and comfort of a hotel! The clean room, comfortable bed, hot shower – everything about the hotel is quite luxurious and relaxing. But, they come at a price. For those who only prefer hotels, you can find great deals on Expedia, Agoda,, Trivago, and TravelPony. If you plan to book a luxury stay it is best to call them. They often have good deals and are also ready to match with the ones available elsewhere.

Choose your style of accommodation and use any of these sites to book your holiday home.

While these were some, you may find several other options that offer cheap deals. But, with online frauds a common scene in this digitized world, you need to exercising caution. Research and do your homework before jumping on to accept a luring deal. Do not go with the enticing images. They can be misleading at times. Check reviews, ratings, and speak with them before booking. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

These were some of the sites to use and tips to avoid a bad deal when booking a vacation stay. If you have been in a dilemma, pick your choice of stay and utilize these sites to book a holiday home for a valuable travel experience!

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