Travel packing list

Heading to Croatia but forgot your hat? Found out about your missing wallet once you landed at the destination? Well, packing mishaps range from manageable to disastrous. Being stranded on a strange land without essentials is the last thing you want. Whether you are a regular backpacker or a first-time traveller, going through a travel packing list of essentials is always helpful. In this blog, we have compiled a list of essentials that must not be missed out on your travel packing list.

Do not Forget Your Documents and Plastic Money

Imagine you have a car rental booked and you forget your license? Or you are stranded on a deserted place without any money? Sounds disastrous right? Not only will such situations ruin the excitement of your trip but may also burn a big hole in your pocket. Avoid such situations by ensuring all your essential documents are in place and by carrying your credit card. Passports, license, and an additional identity proof, plus copies of all, enough cash, and cards should be a must when packing your bags.

Pack your Toiletries

You definitely do not want a tan while surfing the Sahara desert. So toiletries are the next essential to be ticked on your packing list. Right from your toothbrush, shampoo, personal hygiene items to sunscreen, moisturizer, and lip balm, make sure you pack all the required toiletries before you leave. Since most of them may not be allowed in your handbag, pack them in a zip pouch to prevent them from spilling and spoiling your clothes in your check-in luggage.

Carry First Aid

A small pouch filled with the necessary pills and medicines will save you from ruining the joy of travel. After all, no one wants to suffer that punishing headache or an upset stomach during a holiday. While you may think it is easy to pick up medicines just like back at home, their availability in the destination country might be limited to prescription only. It is best to carry them instead of suffering a fever and regretting the mistake.

Warm and Rain Friendly Clothing

Weather forecasts are usually a traveller’s best friend. Whether rain or shine, meteorologists will always give you the best idea of what weather you can expect at your holiday destination. Make sure to check the weather for a couple of your travel days and pack accordingly. While this is true, every place requires you to carry some specific clothing irrespective of what the weather forecast says. For instance, in Dubai, you won’t need a jacket, but places like London and Himalayas demand warm clothes as well as umbrellas. So, ensure you add a jacket or rainy wear to your packing list.


No trip is complete without gadgets! Without them how would you click that amazing view of the Eiffel tower or upload that funny selfie of yours gorging on the ice cream? While you are travelling, you would want to capture every memory and save it for a future nostalgia session. Do not forget your DSLR, phone, travel adapters, chargers, extra batteries, and memory cards or you will never get to revisit these memories again.

Pack Light

Oh that gorgeous Burberry dress and those pretty pair of Louis Vuitton heels, no one would want to miss them out? But ask yourself whether they are necessary. You do not want to die in pain by wearing those heels while walking around the city, nor do you want to go to a party in cotton pants. Separate your essentials from your desirables when it comes to clothing and footwear. Carry according to your itinerary. After all, travelling is fun when light.

Keep in mind these essentials while packing your bags. With these items checked on the travel packing list, you can ensure a worry-free and fun-filled vacation!

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