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Would Another Type of Loan Cost Less? There is definitely a reason we have renovation loans, car loans and other types of loans. It is true that you could go a personal loan to do all this and several other things. But you have to bear in mind that specific loans come with lower interest […]

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Investing in a country is one decision that ought to be vital to investors. The sole objective of any investor is to make a profit as anyone wants to hedge against risk. Therefore, proper research has to be done before an investor invests in a given country. This article, therefore, seeks to point out many […]

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Pros and Cons of Forex Trading in Singapore

In the financial market, everything needs to be accurate. Every digit matters due to the possibility of changing the value even with minimal errors. Considering the fact that Forex trading is a complicated industry, Singaporean traders must highly equip with the full understanding of the available tools and applications. Being part of such a business […]

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Negotiating an Agreement

Do you think all those paperwork and theories of negotiation in school are all that you need to have that agreement made? Or to get a deal done either as an agent, a company executive or CEO? Then you really need to be prepared for a challenge. Yes, prepare for the worst even if that […]

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Theory of Money

The relationship between money and economic activity is going both ways. On the one hand, cash forms are a reflection of a certain economic activity through production. Assets create and finance their own economic activity. Money reflects economic activity. This is significant for the development of monetary theory. On the other hand, money serves as […]

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Letter-of-Credit-Moneylender Open on Sunday

Letter of Credit is the backbone of all cross border trades. With globalization, the product manufactured or any commodity produced anywhere can be sold in another part of the world. However, how do these transactions take place when the parties to the transaction are not known to each other and their credit histories unverified? The answer […]

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Term Loans for Business

What are Term Loans? There are two kinds of loans, short term loans, and long term loans. Generally, loans that are repayable within 12 months are classified as short term. Loans that are repayable in tenor beyond 12 months are classified as long term loans. Term loans are common in both personal and commercial segments. […]

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Money Laundering

What is Money Laundering? Money laundering is the process of turning the illegal profits of criminal activity into legal assets. Various regulatory and legal systems confuse the term ‘money laundering’ with different types of business and financial crimes. It is the most prominent form of abuse in the financial system. Other wrong doings include credit card fraud, […]

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Understanding Costs

Costs of a Loan Loans in today’s world are useful whether it is for consumption, or for aiding in the creation of an asset. Ideally, we would all like to enjoy today what we expectantly earn in the future. Most of the world’s economy function on this principle of debt, and there is nothing inherently wrong with it. However, the prudent thing to do would be to do our due diligence and research before committing to any loans. This ensures that the net cost to us is the lowest. […]

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How much for an Emergency Fund?

How Much Should You Set Aside for an Emergency Fund? There is a common saying that danger knows no stranger. The same may apply for financial emergencies. Professional risk managers will advise you on this. You can either do away with an unnecessary risk or outsource or employ someone to take on a peril on […]

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