Stock Market

Projecting the amount of investing the capital need in retirement to produce a specific level of income is an easy process.  At its simplest, all an investor needs to do is determine their income requirements. Then determine what portfolio size they need to generate that income assuming a three to four percent withdrawal rate. However, […]

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Your lender says you qualify for a 5.022% mortgage rate. You feel the rate is OK but are not sure how the lender has come to this figure, much less if this is the best rate you can get. Getting a better mortgage rate is a big thing. Even a small percentage increase can translate […]

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Although you might have had a few jobs for pocket money during your high school years, college is where you become fully independent for the first time in your life. You have to manage your finances while attending classes and also having an active social life is probably the most fun years of life, which […]

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home loan

Would Another Type of Loan Cost Less? There is definitely a reason we have renovation loans, car loans and other types of loans. It is true that you could go a personal loan to do all this and several other things. But you have to bear in mind that specific loans come with lower interest […]

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Investing in a country is one decision that ought to be vital to investors. The sole objective of any investor is to make a profit as anyone wants to hedge against risk. Therefore, proper research has to be done before an investor invests in a given country. This article, therefore, seeks to point out many […]

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Pros and Cons of Forex Trading in Singapore

In the financial market, everything needs to be accurate. Every digit matters due to the possibility of changing the value even with minimal errors. Considering the fact that Forex trading is a complicated industry, Singaporean traders must highly equip with the full understanding of the available tools and applications. Being part of such a business […]

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Negotiating an Agreement

Do you think all those paperwork and theories of negotiation in school are all that you need to have that agreement made? Or to get a deal done either as an agent, a company executive or CEO? Then you really need to be prepared for a challenge. Yes, prepare for the worst even if that […]

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Theory of Money

The relationship between money and economic activity is going both ways. On the one hand, cash forms are a reflection of a certain economic activity through production. Assets create and finance their own economic activity. Money reflects economic activity. This is significant for the development of monetary theory. On the other hand, money serves as […]

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Letter-of-Credit-Moneylender Open on Sunday

Letter of Credit is the backbone of all cross border trades. With globalization, the product manufactured or any commodity produced anywhere can be sold in another part of the world. However, how do these transactions take place when the parties to the transaction are not known to each other and their credit histories unverified? The answer […]

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Term Loans for Business

What are Term Loans? There are two kinds of loans, short term loans, and long term loans. Generally, loans that are repayable within 12 months are classified as short term. Loans that are repayable in tenor beyond 12 months are classified as long term loans. Term loans are common in both personal and commercial segments. […]

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